2022/8/6 (土)・8/7 (日)の2日間



The prototype of the chair that won the highest award at the 5th Woody Contest (wooden furniture category) sponsored by Kyoto Prefecture will be exhibited! The theme is a chair that creates a "place" to rest. This work is a chair fixed with a tag that makes you want to create a margin around it. It is a work with a strong feeling that was completed with the cooperation of many people since last year. 







We designed the logo of "Daily Movie Trivia", which introduces daily tips and secret stories about movies. Imagine a trivia hidden behind a daily calendar and a movie screen.







The logo mark design has been adopted. Research Institute for Humanity and Nature is a national research institute that studies global environmental problems from a comprehensive perspective. The symbol mark was designed by superimposing the image of the earth on research and deep relations with society through the fusion of various fields.







This year marks the 10th year of participation in the "Roppongi Designers Flag Contest," which I am looking forward to every year. The theme for 2022 is "reunion". This work was able to receive the Excellent Work Award (Kasai Award).